Programs We Support

Hurricane Florence Relief Fund

Hurrican Florence Graphic

Hurricane Florence has cost so much to so many, but we will persevere and we will help those in need! We are Wilmington Health Strong, united together, caring for our patients and our communities. Many of our staff and community members have been personally impacted by Hurricane Florence. Many families are without food, shelter and basic necessities. Even today, many still in the path of rising floodwaters. It's time to come together to help rebuild and repair the lives of those that have lost so much. Please help us by giving generously to those in the greatest of need! 100% of all donations will go to directly help families impacted by this storm.

Family Fitness Challenge

The Family Fit Challenge, a Wilmington-area program that promotes and educates families on wellness and fitness, was the first recipient of a Wilmington Health Foundation grant. The $20,000 grant helps support several Family Fit Challenge initiatives.

Family Fitness Challenge

“I am passionate about the health of children. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing participants change their health and future through the program,” said J’nelle Ruscetti, MS, PA-C, founder of the Family Fit Challenge. “This generous grant from the Wilmington Health Foundation will provide the necessary backing that the Family Fit Challenge requires to make the greatest possible impact on the Wilmington area.” The Family Fit Challenge is an evidence-based program that has proven to statistically reduce BMI (body mass index) in adults and children, as well as reduce blood pressure in adults.

Student Fit Challenge

Created out of the success of the Family Fit Challenge, the Student Fit Challenge is working directly within the schools to make a difference in our youth's health. Currently the program is being implemented on a trial basis in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Onslow counties. We are diligently working with local school officials to make this a part of their curriculum in every school throughout the area and assist students in making healthier choices now which will impact their health well into the future.

The Southern Tour Ultra

Sourthern Tour Ultra Logo

President George Washington forged this area in 1791, and the Wilmington Health Foundation invites you to do the same! The Wilmington Health Foundation and Without Limits have partnered to bring the Ultra race to Wilmington in January. Whether you are a participant, a sponsor, or a spectator, you will be an important part of the Southern Tour Ultra!

The Southern Tour Ultra takes place on a pristine parcel of underdeveloped land that borders the inter-coastal waterway. Rough terrain combined with magical scenery makes this Ultra gut wrenching and inspiring—all at the same time. A huge field with music, a bonfire, and families playing makes this a unique, not-to-be missed experience.

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